Chatbot and RPA – The next step.

Chatbots are among the most common of the three applications, although the three are interconnected. “Short for ‘chat robot,’ a chatbot is a computer program that simulates human conversation, or chat, through artificial intelligence,” according to

When it comes to the relationship between RPA, chatbot and artificial intelligence there is some widespread sense that all chatbots and automation tools are AI enabled. That might be because some startups are using the hype of artificial intelligence to sell their chatbots and automation tools, and no doubt there are many tricksters in the market.
Don’t accept or reject what these chatbot makers say about their products. Better to understand these technologies and the inter-relationship among them and then decide what you need.

What Chatbot, RPA and AI Can Do Collectively

Integration with facial recognition
Integration with virtual reality and augmented reality
Smooth switchover between text and voice
Human level conversation and adding fun element where it is great fit
Chatbot adjusting itself to the user speed
Chabot taking a personality based on the personality of the customer overlaying on the background of contextual information


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