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Welcome to FletchSys Technologies

FletchSys, is a technology consulting and research company.

FletchSys’s name  is inspired from the word ‘Fletch’ which means to provide an arrow with feathers for flight. The small fetches provides  the arrow with aerodynamic stability which is necessary for it’s flight. Similarly by giving attention to the small but significant aspects of technology we intent to make our products and clients achieve the right target.

Here at FletchSys, we aim to give detail attention to small aspects of technology that makes big impact. Our Consultation approach is always to make the products and services future ready and to use the recent advances in technology for the benefit of our clients. Having said that we give due attention to our learning and and our teams and consultants and always working towards trying, practicing new techniques and discussing them with Industry experts.

Give the power of AI and Ml to your business.

Does IT means only creating Web Applications, Mobile Apps and write codes?

Not at all, isn’t it. It is understanding the overall business.

With the power of Artificial Intelligence , Machine Learning world is changing daily. The way users are getting used to IT applications has drastically changed and still changing at a drastic speed. We at Fletchsys provide Image recognition , NLP based solutions to enhance your applications and get you with the pace of the world.

With advances of heterogeneous systems, it is imperative that they are connected with each other seamlessly and without frequent issues.We help business to understand the big picture,

Be it Mobile applications, ERP- software’s, Cron Jobs, Batch processes and entire business cycle we aim to provide optimum designs,  integration.

Our Offerings at a glance

Appropriately actualize unique e-business for low-risk high-yield initiatives. Intrinsicly communicate emerging expertise before principle-centered catalysts for.

Application Development

Technology Selection to application development, Agile methodologies to service level agreements, we are here to support in all your IT needs

Mobile Apps

We help transform your idea into reality and get many fingers tapping on your app. A mobile app is just a front end, the whole business is controlled  by backend -admin panel.

Advanced Analytics

Proper data analysis can lead to key results which if utilized properly can give one
bountiful returns. If you are looking for such results
talk to us today!

Digital Marketing

Want to be on the Top of the game – Digital marketing is the Key! With effective strategies and creative content we can lead you to the thrown. Are you ready for the Journey….

Robotic Process Automation

FletchSys is already ready with Robotic Process automation with tools like UiPath, NodeJS, Google Dialogflow and configurable bots.

Internet of Things

IOT and connected devices have now taken the center stage in technology.We provide whole integrated solution with sensors, admin panel, mobile apps etc.

Social Media Services

Manage your digital Identity on Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites with our professional services and never turn off your online followers.

ML and AI

With use of several algorithms and model training code and data plotting tools in python we have provided several businesses with game changer results.

FletchSys is official channel Partner of My Operator

Get the power of cloud telephony for your business

Make your business phone system a new breed by taking it on cloud. Attend all the business calls without missing them and installation of hardware. Empower agents to create a better customer experience.

Manage all your business calls round the clock. Track and record these calls to maintain a superior customer experience and service. Connect with callers anytime and everytime they make a call.

For any of your IT realted queries we are here to help you.

Many people complain that they had a badexperience with their earlier software vendor.

Choosing the right IT partner is very necessary for your online presence and business growth. An IT partner acts as your strategic business partner and should guide you for the best and most promising strategies to success.We provide Mobile Application Development-Digital Marketing-Business Transformation services.

We have had meetings where people focus either on web products then later they realize the necessity of digital marketing, once the business grows they request for custom solutions to handle the increasing traffic. However if this transition is not done effective consumes lot of time for integration and takes good amount of money.

Our approach is incremental and planning for long term success from start. We use opensource systems and as the business grows we go for premium support. In this transition client understands the value of the orchestrated system and the solution becomes mature.

We give immense importance to digital marketing techniques and strategies. Since digital marketing has taken the front seat and this is what drives the customer and appears as the face of the product to users.

The Role of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

With new technologies and algrithms coming up there is a lot of scope to automate the repeated task. FletchSys, which operates from Pune, Maharashtra has given immense attention to advance technologies and invested several hours of efforts in learning and trianing these technologies. Using machine learning and building predicted models many complex task can be autoated and deep data insights can be deduced.

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