FletchSys attends Digital Marketing camp 2019 Forum organised by DMPForum.org

Digital Marketing Practitioner Forum (DMP) founded in 2015, is a forum for all digital marketing enthusiastic. Various  Industry experts and professionals  exchange their ideas through different sessions through this forum. DMP Forum aims digital marketing professionals, students to know the recent trends in digital marketing. It gives a chance to network with Industry professionals and exchange ideas and it is organised by dmpforum.org

Digital Marketing camp for 2019, took place on 23rd Feb. More than 200 digital marketing enthusiastic like  students, professionals and industry experts attended the event

A variety of talks took place followed by expert discussion and networking session.

It also gave an opportunity to a startup Outwag to display their product and take user feedback.

FletchSys’s Director Ankit Shah delivered a keynote speech where he delivered use of Facebook for promotion of E-commerce products.



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