Social Media promotion of Ulwe Marathon

This is another project brought home by our marketing team. An event organized by Rotary club, this marathon was held in the Ulwe region south of Navi Mumbai.About Ulwe marathon:‘Road Safety’ was the theme of this marathon. Rotary club was trying to bring awareness about traffic rules and road safety through this marathon and people were encouraged to run and participate for this.


The challenge was to run the promotion on Facebook and Instagram in the given geographical area. Also the Graphics provided by the sponsors needed to be modified to fit the the ad window. Slogans and other small content was many times created on the spot to go with the ad. Monitoring of results was done on a daily basis and charts were shared with the sponsors.


The campaign was designed to be reach campaign with a targeted audience and it was viewed successfully by over 750,000 people.
Eventually the marathon got more than 40,000 registrations.

The page of the site got numerous likes and comments by people.

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