We got an opportunity to work on a shopping website in October 2018.Client signed a complete contract right from website & application development to the marketing.

Work Flow:

We wanted to make a clear flow which could explain single thing at one glance. Following is the work flow.

  • We started working for client’s web presence in the beginning. Took ideas on how client wanted his site to be.
  • As it was a multivendor E-Commerce website it required a lot of functional features like multiple user roles & multiple product prices as per user roles.
  • We created a wordpress website with woocommerce plugin included.
  • We installed multiple plugins for site functionality which were compatible with main plugins.
  • Handed over website to the client in span of 20 days only.
  • After which we started working on client’s android app.
  • Web panel required to be sync with android as it is hence took efforts to do that.

Marketing Strategy:

We offered client a complete plan for marketing from scratch as this was going to be a launching of while website & application of Client.

Campaign which we ran for it & their details are as follows:

  • Catalogue Sales Campaign
  • Website Traffic Campaign
  • Website Conversions Campaign

We decided to go with website traffic campaign at first as it was going to be introduction to the users. After which we slightly went with add to carts i.e. conversions campaign to check the customer’s response to products. Few days later we studied the reports & selected few locations which gave more response to website products

We targeted selected locations & ran a catalogue sales campaign over there & got 6 purchases within minimum days it was a great success for client & this was just an introduction of Client to the buyers. After few more days we got more data from Facebook like which locations are showing interest in what categories of products, we sorted products in product sets & did its advertising. Following table shows campaign results in numbers.


CampaignResultsReachExpensesStart DateEnd Date
1Site Traffic camp 1149521,1321707.1028-Dec-201812-Jan-2019
2Site Traffic camp 12520376882582.2712-Jan-201923-Jan-2019
3Site Conversion574127.732-Jan-20193-Jan-2019
4Catalogue Sales6329683707.6519-Jan-2019


Fig. Results of Facebook campaign-: Dec 2018-Jan 2019

Following pictures indicate the results we got from Facebook

1. Web site Traffic campaign 1 :

Link Clicks Campaign Performance
Link Clicks Campaign Performance 1


2. Web site Traffic campaign 1 :

Link Clicks Campaign Performance 2
Link Clicks Campaign Performance 2


3. Website Conversion Campaign :

Conversions Campaign Performance
Conversions Campaign Performance


4. Catalogue Sales Campaign :

Catalogue Sales Campaign Performance
Catalogue Sales Campaign Performance