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Royal Regalia

We received this project through our marketing team. The requirement was for a single property showcase website.

About Royal Regalia:

Royal regalia is a real estate project by Gruharaj builders located in Neral, Maharashtra.

We received it’s details through a brochure and from some other real estate listings.


The challenge was to make an elegant and appealing website with the given content in 8-10 days. We needed to arrange the data so as to highlight the nature-surrounded location of the project as well as it’s amenities.


Our vendor and we discussed how to structure the given content to the best possible advantage and came up with certain arrangements. We also took help of beautiful icons and other graphics to bring more elegance to the website. The site layout page was designed to give thorough information to the visitor regarding the project and also rendered visuals of the flats provided by the client.


The site turned out not only beautiful but also informative and very light to browse through.

We included a google map location of the project site as well as a pdf download link for the brochure. You can visit the site here.

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