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Vibhuti Futures

We recieved Vibhuti Future’s requirnment when they contacted us through our website.Their team wanted to take their stock market consulting business to the next level.

We accepted the challenge & started working.

Fletchsys_Client_Vibhuti Futures2


The task was to run a facebook ad campaign for them. But it wasn’t easy for us as we had to understand their business in detail & present them in unique way possible to their audience. Also we had to target right people who can become their customers.


Client wanted to plan tours for months of November which is a Diwali period in India. To make it a successful tour, we had to work on many things. We suggested a lead generation campaign on Facebook.


Team work has always been a key for us. We stared working on their campaign. They has a limited budget & target was also narrow hence many things encored. We did all possible changes & worked on proper content, graphics & build a marketing strategy for them.Results are as below.

Fletchsys_Client_Vibhuti Futures1
Fletchsys_Client_vibhuti futures 4
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