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Starzconnect is also one of Fletchsys’s own products.We wanted to implement this idea from long time & hence planned to implement it with efforts.

About StarzConnect:

Its Mission is to connect the Artist/Professionals to the art lover. Its services are designed to promote opportunity for Artists, members by enabling millions of other artists/professionals whom we consider as stars to meet, exchange ideas, learn, and find opportunities  in the galaxy of of trusted relationships.

We started an expedition to take this venture ahead, and we are ready to make it successful. The name ‘Starzconnect’ is inspired from the fact that every artist is a star in itself and we are on toes to connect him with his true art lover @StarzConnect.

We decided to reach more people & hence planned to run social media campaign which could get us better influence. We ran Facebook likes campaign for 1 day & given are the results.


This project was quite challenging as we had to find effective ways to get performing artists on board with us. Also at the same time we had to work on our privacy policies & terms of use to make sure all people’s data is safe.


We had to do marketing to get artists on board & make sure they get returns through starzconnect.

We are still making all possible changes to get as many artists as possible to join us.


After lot of efforts we were ready with our plan implementation & started taking people on board not only artists but we had to make sure that we get work for them to showcase their talent.

We ran social media campaign to get maximum leads as well as page likes

Visit the StarzConnect site here

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