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Sai Shraddha Live TV App

SaiShraddhaLive Tv is a app to watch Live events of Sai Baba. This app broadcasts the live events happening at Sai Baba Mandir in Wahl.

Our developer team has put all their efforts to create this application unique fast & responsive. Mr Hitesh Vava founder of Sai shraddha TV streaming was quiet impressed with our team work & has continued his association with us asking more apps to create.

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The live streaming URL needed be integrated into our mobile application. Along with it the app was supposed to have facility to publish custom news as in when required. They news could be in the form of text, graphics or video.


We came up with an admin panel developed in Php which was connected to mobile app using firebase. The notifications, news of Sai Baba Mandir was made to flow from admin panel to mobile app via firebase and api’s.


The app was to be made live within certain time frame. With effective project management techniques we worked on the basis of milestones and completed the project a day before deadline.You cal download the app here.

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