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Monica Pattaya

After successfully completing E-Store website we got to work on Monica Pattaya website, which is an online rental Properties dealing website.

Based out of Pattaya, Thailand. Monica is a owner of Monica Pattaya Services.Client provide Buy/Rent/Sell properties across Thailand.They offer Villas for sale and rent directly from Developer. Settlement located in the middle of Pattaya, Thailand.

Monica Pattaya Services are booming in cities like Pattaya ,Bangkok, Phuket. Many foreigners who decide to purchase real estate in Thailand because of the quality and workmanship of the property, The legal processes involved in acquiring the property.


Challenges were many as client was supposed to provide us content of what all properties she deals with & we were supposed to present it effectively.

However we had to work on many things to make it look more attractive & effective as per consumers point of view.


We offered client a set of solutions including how we will require raw content to present it in proper way the images of properties she deals with.

Also client wanted to inbuilt online bookings for properties hence had to work on it.


Client’s website was ready in 15 days span as she wanted to launch it immediately as she was going to get most bookings in that season.

We tested site performance  by booking online, site worked well.Visit Website Here

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