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Bluejet Holidays is one of our initial clients.Its a tours & travels company situated in Pune,India.During month of September we received their requirement.The team wanted to take as many as people possible for tour.So the solution was a lead generation campaign.

For 2 months we run their campaign over a social media platform & how was the response, You can see below graphs.


BlueJet was looking to take there packages to customer in very less time as long vacations were approaching and people had already started planning for there vacations. Any slight mistake in the strategy could have costed BlueJet lot of opportunity loss. So we needed a precise and working strategy.


Client wanted to plan tours for months of November which is a Diwali period in India. To make it a successful tour, we had to work on many things. We suggested a lead generation campaign on Facebook.


It wasn’t an easy task to give solutions to get better results.We then had to work on many things.After clients nod we started working live on campaigning.It again was a challenge for us,we had to get as many leads as possible in limited budget.Team worked consistently to get right traffic for clients ad which could get better quality leads.And the results are graphs below.

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