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Bluejet Holidays is one of our initial clients.Its a tours & travels company situated in Pune,India.During month of September we received their requirement.for lead generation campaign,the campaign was success hence the firm decided to continue deal with Fletchsys.

They had their business website however it wasn’t showing up in search engine results in better position. The solution was to do SEO & we suggested the same.We had to work for it to get the best results for the client.


Challenges were many right from website content issues till the broken links.

Following are some:

  • Short & Duplicate content
  • Broken Links in site
  • Missing Keywords & alt tags
  • missing meta tags & meta descriptions


Solution was easy yet time consuming.It makes impact however takes time as per search engine norms.We planed to work on following:

  • Adding meta tags & description
  • Keywords generation & implementation
  • removing duplicate &/ mixed content issues.
  • Generating backlinks for site.(daily activity)


It wasn’t an easy task to give solutions to get better results.We then had to work on many things.After performing measures we could achieve following:

  • Performed on page SEO considering keywords optimization & unique content in mind.
  • Generated meta tags & descriptions for all web-pages in site.
  • Created numerous backlinks for client’s website.
  • By the end of one month we got visible results in both website positioning & its quality.
site audit
report by Ryte
report by Ryte 2

SEO Results :

Given are the actual results in numbers we got through SemRush tool Follow the given links to see the reports.

These results indicate performance of only one month of work done by Fletchsys.

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