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The Project

This project is an account of our solution to retail chain. The retail chain was intrested in understanding if the display location of specific product could result in in an increase sales.

With the famous example of ‘Diaper’ and ‘Beer’ we implemented the Association Rule  – Apriori – Machine Learning algorithm to find out the purchasing behaviour pattern.

The data set

Collecting the right data is one of the key parameters of the success of machine learning project.

We used several surveys, time tracking and behaviour tracking methods.

We collected data like time of purchase, quantity, age and gender of people purchasing the products and use Association rule to deduce results.

The implementation

So as a data scientist we had  to predict if customers buys ‘A’ product then what he will buy as other set of products.So that’s what we want to figure out.





We found amazing results of buying pattern. We shared the results with the retail chain. They organised their products according and the banners were also paced for visual advertising.

The results were quickly seen with a growth of 18% percent in the suggested segment. The intangible benefits of ease of customer was an add on to all customers.

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