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All Quik Application

AllQuik is Fletchsys’s product.We always wanted to built something which could make us get noticed & hence team worked hard to achieve it.

About AllQuik App:

By Using the AllQuik Application any end user can find the nearest Experts likes Plumbers, Electricians, Painter, Carpenters etc. As per end users requirements he/she can call/chat/future booking of the Experts. Experts will be revert back if he is available at that time and work that particular works perfectly.


The main challenge was to get our idea into reality.We wanted to get all the local service providers on board & provide them way to grow their business.


We came up with an admin panel developed in Php which was connected to mobile app using firebase. The notifications were made to flow from admin panel to mobile app via firebase and api’s.


The app was to be made live within certain time frame. With effective project management techniques we worked on the basis of milestones and completed the project within time.You can download the app here

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