How to install wordpress on AWS

  1. Of course the first step is to log into your AWS console. Make sure you are logging in as the root user.

  1. Find the EC2 service from the Services tab of AWS.

  1. On the EC2 dashboard, Click on the ‘Launch Instance’ button.

  1. The next page is for choosing an Amazon Machine (AMI).

An AMI is a template that contains the software configuration (operating system, application server, and applications) required to launch your instance. You can select an AMI provided by AWS, our user community, or the AWS Marketplace; or you can select one of your own AMIs.

The machine we are going to choose for wordpress can be found in the ‘AWS Marketplace’ tab.

  1. Once you click on ’AWS marketplace’, type ‘Wordpress’ in the search bar, and you will get a list of options.

  1. Here I am going to choose WordPress certified by Bitnami and Automttic, which is free-tier eligible.

  1. Next you will get the pricing details for this machine. Click on ‘continue’.

  1. Next step is to choose the instance type.

I am choosing the t2-micro instance which is free-tier eligible.

  1. Next we are going to configure the instance details.

Under the auto-assign public UP, we are going to choose ‘Enable’

Then click on Review and launch

  1. On the review screen click ‘Launch’

  1. This will take you to the screen for generating key pair.

  1. I am generating a new SSH key pair, which I will use in future to establish secure connection with my server instance to browse files.

Type in a name for this key pair that you will remember easily and then click download key pair.

  1. Save this key in a location and voila you are ready to launch.

Clicking on ‘launch instance’ will bring you to the following screen. At this point we need to wait for a few minutes for the instance to launch.

  1. Now we need to obtain our wordpress credentials which we will need to log into wordpress.

To find those we are going back to services> EC2

Then go to the running instances

Here we should be able to see the instance we have created.

15. For this instance we need to see the System log.

So go to Actions>Instance settings>Get system log

The system log is a command line file like this

16. Scroll to the bottom of this file and look for a box like structure created with symbols as shown in the below image.

17. Copy this password and save it for logging into the wordpress. The site IP address can be found on the ‘Running Instances’ sceen of AWS console.

For our AMI the username is by default ‘user’.


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